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Are you a dog lover? Do you melt at the site of a Maltese Shih Tzu? Or do you go crazy for a King Charles?

We do too, and that is why we are a highly professional and dedicated school, training people to become many people’s dream job – a dog groomer! We offer a range of in-depth courses to help you become a part of the fastest growing business in the world.

We are proud dog lovers with many years of experience in training people to become dog grooming experts.

Professional accredited dog grooming courses and private training located in the beautiful market town of Wetherby.

  • Come and learn the art of dog grooming in our relaxed and friendly salon.
  • One to one flexible training to suit around you.
  • Our intensive courses are designed for individuals that are looking for either a change of career to set up a salon from home mobile or a commercial property, opportunities are endless.
  • We are a small unique school in Wetherby and set ourselves apart from the large colleges.
  • We teach small groups to give full support to our students throughout their course.
  • All training is hands on in a busy day to day grooming salon.

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